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Episode 007 - Clovers

There are five different kinds of clover, Juliet shares how to identify them, and what each one is good for spiritually.

Red Clover - Bright pink. The leaves are shaped like a football and they have a pattern in white that looks like an arrow.

Due to the arrows, Red clover is a protective plant.

Properties: Protection,Banishing, and Guarding. Specifically of the heart. Due to the color of the clover.

White Clover - White. The leaves are round and the white pattern is oval (no arrow)

Properties: Sweetness, Love, Joy

Crimson Clover - Red and shaped like a triangle. The leaves are round and may have spotted red marks. A little hairy.

Properties: Psychic development, Passion, Fire element

Strawberry Clover - Pink. It gets its name from how it looks, like a strawberry. Leaves shaped oval and no hair or pattern.

Properties: Passion, Creativity, Intuition.

Rose Clover- Pink. Leaves are shaped like a tear. Lots of fuzzy hair.

Messy hair mood.

Properties: Heart work, healing

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